About Pokemon Go, Not Judging

Disclaimer: this article was made to complete writing task  from my English teacher. The task is I have to rewrite an article according to the article which the title is After Pokemon Craze, Backlash that has given before.

This is the original article:

After Pokemon Craze, Backlash

Pokemon Go can be called a phenomenon. The smartphone video game became popular almost overnight. Millions of people have downloaded the game. Players are walking around cities in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Germany and a few other countries, trying to catch the Pokemon characters.

For the most part, it’s all in good fun. People are getting outside more, walking around and even meeting their neighbors. But some people think Pokemon Go players should try to use better judgment.

There were reports earlier this week of people hunting Pokemon at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. The museum is a memorial to Jews who were killed by Nazis in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s. The museum has asked the game’s makers to remove it from the sites where players can hunt the characters.

People have also reportedly been looking for Pokemon characters at the Arlington National Cemetery near Washington. The cemetery is where many U.S. military veterans are buried. The cemetery posted this message on Twitter: “We do not consider playing Pokemon Go to be appropriate decorum on the grounds of ANC.”

Will the negative reactions hurt the game’s popularity?

Pokemon Go launched on July 6. Observers are trying to guess whether or not the game will remain hugely popular for a long time. Some people are joking about the recent backlash. “Backlash” is a strong public reaction against something, usually something that has become very popular.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Dear internet, Please hold off on your Pokemon Go backlash…”

At least one company hopes the game stays popular. The stock of game-maker Nintendo increased over 50 percent last week after the game’s release.

In the United States, businesses are already trying to find ways to take advantage of the game’s popularity. One pizza restaurant in New York says business increased by 75 percent over the weekend after it paid money to have Pokemon characters placed inside the restaurant. Customers came in, ate pizza, drank beer and played the game.

and this is my article rewriting result:

About Pokemon Go, Not Judging

The article which title is After Pokemon Craze, Backlash says that Pokemon Go can be called phenomenon because there are so many people play this game and do something different. For example, many people often do gathering outside their house, they meet many people, and playing game along day. It is a rarely thing before the game launched.

In the beginning, the game was felt so fun, but there is a report that made the players have to play this game wisely. There is a report from some people that asked to remove Pokemon character from US Holocaust Memorial Museum and Arlington National Cemetery in Washington. The place is a memorable for past history, so that it considered an impolite attitude to play Pokemon there.

Some observer also are doing the observation whether Pokemon will survive in a long time or just only as a Backlash. Backlash is a strong public reaction against something, usually something that has become very popular.

However, some businessman in USA have looked this phenomenon as a promising business opportunity with the idea to place gamer in one place and offering them some service or product.

Like, pizza restaurant has been done in Newyork which said that business increased 75% after placing Pokemon character in their Restaurant. Consumer of gamers came to catch Pokemon while order the foods that offer. The restaurant is happy, and so is consumer.

How about You friends? I, myself, do not play Pokemon Go because I don’t really like playing game. In Indonesia, this phenomenon become controversial. But in my humble opinion I prefer return to each personal because I think, ourselves are more understand what is the positive or negative impact from the game than others.

Catatan: Dalam latihan menulis ulang ini, saya masih melakukan kesalahan dalam hal penggunaan tenses, pemilihan kata serta dalam merangkai kalimat. Saya juga masih menggunakan kamus ketika menyusunnya, jadi jangan dianggap sudah mahir ya. Tetapi semakin sering saya mengetahui letak kesalahan, semakin saya hafal untuk penggunaannya. Tetap semangat untuk belajar ya Ev! *nyemangatin diri sendiri.


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    Saya cuma bisa manggut-manggut pas baca bagian “Keterangan” paling bawah itu. Ngertinya itu aja. Btw, ini kursus privat ya, Mbak? Mau donk ikutan… *blogger pengenan* 😀

  2. Levina Mandalagiri


    Ini maksudnya apa Mbak Evrina? Dapat tugas dari guru Bahasa Inggris di kursusan atau online Mbak?

    Pokemon memang fenomenal yak. Banyak yg main ini. Tapi saya sih Alhamdulillah ga tertarik…wkwkwk…habis Hp nya ngga kuat lah RAM nya plus memorinya…

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