My Blessing Ramadhan


Hi friends, welcome to my English post. Well, I try to practice again to join in Friday English Challenge (FED) that held by Fun Blogging Community. I wrote this post at half past two a.m. when suhur time. So, let’s start the story.

I want to tell you my Ramadan story. This year, I felt that I have a better Ramadan than last year. This Ramadan made me calm, peace and happy though there were so many task which I must do. One of them was I have to bring my community partner to be successful in province contest. It was at Wednesday, 22nd 2016. Alhamdulillah all is well, the jury said that my community have higher score than another one which they had checked before. But, we don’t have to be arrogant because there is one district who becomes our rival, Karawang Community Partner. The jury will go to Karawang at Friday, 25th 2016, and they will do observation as they have done in our community before. We don’t even know yet either Bogor or Karawang who will become the first winner. Let’s just take a pray. Aamiin.

That was my first blessing Ramadhan. Now I want to tell you the second. Ramadhan becomes a perfect sharing time, especially for my kind farmer. They have helped me a lot when doing my job, so I must give them a thankful gift even just a little. The plans are: I will give some sarong for  man, and groceries for woman. How do you think guys? This is worthy, right? Actually I want to give a beautiful square Indonesian cotton hijab especially for woman. But, there are so many women which I must give the present where as my budget is not enough. So, I encounter this problem by changing the gift. I hope they will be like it.

The third my blessing Ramadhan is my family and I , insyAllah,  will go home town to Cianjur after last Ramadan. We won’t celebrate Ied Mubarak in our native village. Cianjur is my husband birth place. He is very excited to do this. He has imagined that he will meet his parents and will be gather with his sister and brother. I am really excited also and so Alfi as well. He want to go to Cianjur earlier, but we can’t.  I also imagine that in following week, I will be sitting in a warm room with other relatives, while Alfi will be playing with his cousin.

Actually there are more my blessing Ramadhan that I want to write. But I am afraid it will be become a long story. So I just tell you, only the three blessing which are so simple but made me very thankful to Allah. I hope our pray or anything that we do in this Ramadan will get blessing and mercy from Allah swt, and hopefully, we can meet each other in next Ramadan. Aamiin.

I think that’s enough, my fore finger has been tired to type and I have to eat.  So, thank you for reading, I am so sorry if there are any mistake while I tried to write in English because I am still learning. See you.

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This blog post is presented in order to join FED Challenge conducted by Fun Blogging Community



  1. momtraveler


    Alfi must be very happy and excited to meet his cousins ya mak. Cant wait for the holiday to come and fly to Aceh too ^-^

    • Reply

      yeap you are right, hopefully everyone can enjoy this ramadan and get so much blessing, thank you for your support sista

  2. Reply

    I’m glad to know that you become calm, peaceful and happy in this Ramadan. It’s really a blessing. Hopefully, you will stay calm, peaceful and happy everafter. 🙂

  3. Reply

    Your story very inspiring sis Evrina. Congratulation for your community’s high score.

    I hope, Allah SWT blessing me too

    *Mendadak otak agak ngehang dah lama gak casciscus wkwkk

    • Reply

      aamiin thank you sista, I just do my best for my farmers, don’t worry I used dictionary and asked my friend when i wrote this post

  4. Reply

    Ramadhan Mubarak yaa Mbak, how lucky are you Mbak. Got much blessing in this Ramadhan.

    I think now Alfi can’t wait to meet his cousins, right? Waiting for your next story Mbak 😉

    • Reply

      insyaa Allah, alhamdulillah my very calm and peaceful Ramadan, I hope we can meet with another Ramadan. aamiin

  5. Reply

    Sometimes the holy Ramadan might change people’s attitude but not all of them. We have only to gratitute to Allah that we are still having this Ramadan, especially you Ramadan among the farmers. Not many people can appreciate those who give us help in doing our job.

    • Reply

      huaaa Bunda thank you very much for coming, yes bunda, I am so thankful to the God that I have opportunity to help farmers, alhamdulillah

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