My English Exercise : Mount Gede, I’m Coming

It’s Fridayyyy yihaaaa. I’m so excited today because I and Eagle Team will get an adventure again. Our journey will be held at Mount Gede, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Our journey is starting tonight (Nov, 6th 2015) at 10.00 PM until Sunday (Nov, 8th 2015). Even the rain has begun to fall at this month, we still do our planning to hike some mount. It is because the end of the year already comes and the rain will fall hardly for several months. So we must utilize the time as good as possible.

Since yesterday, I have already packed my stuff to hike. This job was not easy for me, I spent many times to finish it. I usually doing that thing: when I insert the stuff in the carrier, I will put out again. It is because I am not sure that the stuff and the way that I did the packing were correctly as usually as the rule of hiking. So to minimize an error of packaging, I usually look at the information about carrier or backpack packaging.

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Now my backpack is already brought to hike Mount Gede. Before that, I will meet another Eagle Team member at Cipanas this morning. We will begin the journey after finishing the administration. We should show our ID card and health certificate that becoming requirement to Balai Besar Taman Nasional Gunung Gede Pangrango. We can enter the mountain after we have some license from the officer.

Okay friends; wish me luck for this journey.  The rain will be some challenge for me. Doing hiking at the rain season means you have to be strong mentally. Thank you very much, please wait the story, I’ll write down on my blog soon.


  1. dani


    Wooow!!! Never thought that you are a mountain climber! So cool Mbak Ev! Wish you a great journey and enjoy the hike! 🙂

  2. Reply

    Selamat bertualang, mbak Evrina. Semoga punya banyak pengalaman seru pas hiking nanti khan bisa nulis banyak cerita ^^

    Good luck & take care 😀

  3. Reply

    Wooow, you will climb again and now to Gunung Gede. OMG what a strong lady you are — carrying out many stuff without any other’s help. I am proud of you, Evrina. Be careful, bearing in mind that the rainy season is approching, eventhough it’s only a very light rain, still it is very dangerous, because you are not going to walk on land, but you will climb the mountain. I will try to do some corrections to your article. Can you, sometime send itby email to me? You’ve got my email address, haven’t you.
    Take care.

  4. eda


    hiking terakhir waktu awal-awal kuliah.. abis itu sampe skrg gak pernaah.. kangen jugaak, padahal dulu tiap liburan sekolah selalu hiking

  5. ei


    I have a dream to be a mountain climber when I was young. But my mom didn’t have enough money to buy the equipment, too expensive for us that time.
    After I have my own money, my interest to climb a mountain gone already hehehe …

  6. Rohma Azha


    hee… perlu dicek ulang barangnya dlu ya mbk, biar pas berangkat udah yakin dan ga kepikiran buat lupa sma satu apapun barangnya heee

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